We are a registered Impak Centre facilitating the Impak curriculum.  Impak is a comprehensive school curriculum accredited by Umalusi and SACAI and complies with all the curriculum requirements of the Department of Education.  They supply all learning material, test and exams.

  It adequately caters for children across the spectrum, from slow learners that need extra support to more intelligent students that are above average. In all instances, the parent and tutor will be able to match what it delivers with what your child needs, resulting in a perfect fit and optimal learning experience.

We will endeavour to ensure that your child is equipped to go on to university. He or she will also be able to re-enter traditional school at any time.

Our curriculum gives each child the opportunity to work at his/her own pace and will be encouraged to be proactive. Each lesson creates a dynamic learning experience at their own pace that suits them. The lessons are mixed grades and one on one tutoring. The classes are small and this enables us to give individual attention and needs. . Learners are given the freedom of responsibility and discipline to work on their own tasks and to view it as satisfying and fulfilling. They are encouraged to express their own ideas and concerns in order to create way of working that allow their true brilliance to come through.

We believe our learners learn best by using a hands on approach with active involvement.  Our tutors are actively involved as guides in their learning experience.

“I Hear ..... I Forget, I See..... And I Remember”-Ancient Chinese Proverb

This applies to educating learners. If you tell a learner something, they are likely to forget what was said.  If you tell them and show them they are more likely to remember what the experienced.  It involves a hands on approach were they do what they are learning.  Once they understand, the learning process has met its objectives.  Everything becomes easier and each learner is able to rise to a star pupil. The understanding allows the learner to surpass his/her limitations with incredible speed.  One process leading to other areas of learning and understanding.

We teach healthy attitudes towards learning allowing for skills that lead to a better self-esteem.  With this result a whole person is formed into a Natural Happy Achiever.

The classroom is an informal structured environment, providing a tranquil calm ambience conducive to learning. We are not confined to classroom rules which help learners to think ahead.  All learners are actively involved in each lesson creating a dynamic learning experience gaining self-confidence. 

Our Curriculum meets with the standards set out by the Department of Educations.  It is a complete curriculum adaptable to the needs of each learner.  Learning lessons are manageable allowing each learner to achieve his own potential. All learners are registered with our Curriculum provider who supplies the required curriculum for the chosen grade.

We facilitate the curriculum supplied by the service provider. We facilitate exams set out by the service provider for all examinable subjects only and will be downloaded, invigilated and uploaded  as per the service provider on the dates determined by the service provider.

Each learner’s progress is constantly monitored regularly throughout the year.  We do assessments, test and exams and this helps teach them time management and exam skill long before the exams. 

The assessment procedure compromises of the following:

  • Formative Assessment - learners are guided through the learning process and assistance and guidance is given to achieve the goal set out.  Each lesson is assisted by assignments and memorandums.  These assessments may be recorded as a verbal self-corrective task between tutor and learner.
  • Summative Assessment - The learner’s progress is recorded during the year.  In the first and third semester an assessment is set out by our Curriculum Provider and moderated by them.
  • An annual Report is issued by our Curriculum Provider.

All learners have special abilities and these are our responsibility to nurture them.  To provide an integrated child centred education.

To rebuild confidence in our learner’s own ability to be successful.  To make them aware that they are making choices in their life and need to be accountable to the attitude they choose and they are responsible for their actions.

We recognise each learner is unique and hence providing a variety of teaching and learning styles.  To empower learners to achieve their inner potential through honouring and empowering their strengths, interests and creative expression.

All students re to be registered with Impak and parents are responsible for Impak fees.  For further information visit www.impak.co.za