Our Mission

In today’s day and age education is our ticket to success. Learners working at their own pace will achieve this ticket.

We are a one stop educational centre, empowering learners to better themselves academically.

We are committed to assisting learners in insuring they reach their full potential. 

It is our responsibility to provide a superior alternative form of education at an affordable rice. We follow a progressive curriculum which builds on prior knowledge and extend their knowledge, developing skills and encouraging acceptable values.

Our Vision

Today many learners battle with standardised system and are often mislabelled. The purpose of education is to awaken and support the uniqueness of each student. We focus on the different approaches of education to suit each learner. The most valuable gift a parent can give their child is a superior education.

As a community of educators, parents and learners our objectives are

* To take shared responsibility towards the child

* To ensure that effective learning takes place

The atmosphere is that of acceptance, respect and mutually agreed goals. Each learner needs are individually catered for ensuring that his/her education requirements are met with the least amount of resistance